Following are the present guidelines for the costs of lunch and full day schooling:

The costs for full day schooling are EUR 5,10 per day. Lunch costs an additional EUR 3,40.

Study period and lunch cannot be booked separately.

The costs for lunch and full day schooling are to be paid in advance. We ask you to pay punctually by the assigned payment date for the following time periods:
Time periods will be announced at school-begin
You will only be charged for school days. Days on which there is no school, sport weeks, ski courses, and days on which teachers' conferences take place will not be charged.

A reduction of the fees for full day schooling is possible. The application forms are available from the school and should be turned in at the Kindertagesheim-Servicestelle (1160 Wien, Kreitnergasse). The
MA 11A will then officially determine the amount to be paid.

Basis for assessment
Up to EUR 922,--
Up to EUR 1.153,--
Up to EUR 1.620,--
Up to EUR 2.035,--
Up to EUR 2.503,--
More than EUR 2.503,--

Full day supervision fee:
No fee
No fee
25% of the standard fee
50% of the standard fee
75% of the standard fee
100% of the standard fee

Meal costs
No fee
the full amount
the full amount
the full amount
the full amount
the full amount
No fee
EUR 3,40
EUR 4,68
EUR 5,95
EUR 7,23
EUR 8,50
Fee reductions are valid as of the next time period following presentation of the reduction documentation from MA 11A. The fee reduction is not retrospective and can be applied only to future time periods.

I will be pleased to answer your questions and give you further information.
Karin Lehnhart, Director of Extracurricular Matters