Taking a world view

Our world is rapidly shrinking and the need for better communication is increasing daily. By speaking two major world languages, your child will have twice as many opportunities in the world of tomorrow. Open doors for your child by giving him or her a bilingual education.

The pupils in these classes have either German or English as their mother tongue or they are capable of communicating well in one or both of these languages.

The schools in the network employ team teaching. There is an Austrian teacher and a teacher who is an English native speaker in the classroom, which results in German and English being equal languages of instruction. Communication in both languages occurs naturally. And the modern, brain friendly teaching techniques, which our teachers use, support the excellent education of our secondary school students according to the high standards of the Austrian school curriculum. Speaking English and German on a daily basis leads to high language proficiency as well as good communication. And the varied international backgrounds of our students encourage intercultural learning, increased tolerance in our multi-cultural society and open-mindedness.

Our student body consists of:
  • German speaking children who have previous knowledge of English and who are particularly interested in learning foreign languages
  • Children who have English as their mother tongue.
  • Children who use English as their language of communication and who have some previous knowledge of German.
Organization at the VBS (Vienna Bilingual Schooling) - Network Vienna - West

Pupils interested in attending our school are cordially invited to an orientation conversation.

The dates for these orientation talks are available at the school. An application form should be filled in and returned to the school or turned in at the School Inspectorate for the 16 district (Richard - Wagner - Platz 19, 1160 Vienna, Tel. no. 01 / 491 96 - 161 57 or 161 58). Shortly thereafter, you will be sent a written invitation with information concerning when and where the conversation will take place. Following this meeting, you will be informed promptly about the results to enable you to reserve a space in the first class for your child during the coming school year.