My day / 1b / 2008/09, Fr. Tragner, Hr. Schagerl

2003/04 / 1b / Fr. Vybiral
School starts at eight o'clock,
and I meet Emilien Stock.
Biology ends at quarter to ten,
in the break I meet my friend Ben.
I hate religion,
but I like my television.
At quarter to four gym begins,
and I forget my things.
At ten past four I must close the classroom door.
School ends at ten past six,
and I drink my mix.
I get home at half past four,
and I eat more.
At ten past three I watch TV.
At seven I play with my friends from seven to eleven.
I go to bed at nine,
and that's really fine.
And that's my day,
and now get out of my way.
School starts at ten to seven,
I think this is heaven.
Mathematics starts at half past two,
I think I must take off my shoe.
School ends at five past two,
and my friend says "bu"!
School ends at half past four,
and I run to the door.
At five o'clock I have my tea,
at ten to six I count up to three.
I do my homework at 6 o'clock,
and I write about a frog.
I go to bed at nine,
and I think that's fine.
The bell is ringing and I am singing,
I see my friends walking,
and I start talking,
I know that 1 and 1 is 2,
and I believe that's true.
The jungle Kazy

Kazy is a very happy bird. She lives in a big tree.
She has lots of friends:
Diana, the lady bird,
David, the squirrel and
Sheila, the parrot.
One day a misterious man comes to the jungle.
He says, "I am the king."
The lion comes and says, "You are not the king, I am the king."
Kazy says, "Please, stop fighting, please be friends."
They say okay and they live happily in the jungle!